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Minimize your recycling waste.
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AAA Recycling Depot is a leader in the Canadian recycling industry. Our roots go back to 1987, when we pioneered the first recycling programs for shopping malls across Ontario. Since then, we have become one of the largest buyers of cardboard in Ontario, as well as a major supplier to Canadian and US mills and export markets.

Our primary forte is servicing large volume producers such as Logistics/Distribution and Manufacturing facilities. We’re also known for providing balers and compactors at the best prices in Canada. AAA’s extensive experience and expertise give us an advantage over our competitors: it’s how we can deliver the excellent service and pricing that our customers expect and deserve. Our reputation speaks for itself, and our references speak volumes. Call our friendly and knowledgeable staff for a quote today.

Canadian-owned. Globally connected.

AAA Recycling had the foresight to establish recycling programs long before it was environmentally responsible to do so.

AAA Recycling Depot is a leader in the collection, processing and marketing of recyclable paper and cardboard. We recycle about 200,000,000 lbs of material every year, and this figure continues to grow. We pride ourselves on our fair- trading policies, exceptional customer relationships and our deep-rooted commitment to the environment.

While we are 100% Canadian-owned and operated out of the GTA, AAA Recycling has excellent relations with most of the recycling mills in Canada both throughout the US and internationally.

Our forte is to provide services for distribution and logistics facilities, as well as large-volume producers. We deliver end-to-end recycling solutions for paper and cardboard that include logistics, buying and selling, sales & rentals of balers, as well as compactors and bins for clients such as distribution centres, manufacturers, supermarkets and other large volume facilities. 

The company is led by industry veterans President Terry Lavictoire, who, along with Executive Vice President Donna Rowland, Vice President Alan Wolfman, and a dedicated management team, bring well over 100 years of experience to the table.

We buy cardboard. It’s our specialty!
We also offer end-to-end custom recycling solutions.

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